Electricity costs in Kenya

This page contains a record of current and historic electricity prices in Kenya. It was last updated with data up to March 2014. If you are not interested in the details, jump straight to the graphs of total cost.

Core tariffs

These are the core tariffs set by the Kenya Power and Lighting Company. They do not change frequently. See below for the additional (and quite substantial) variable surcharges.

Prior to December 2013

TariffCharges (KES)
Fixed chargeEnergy charge (per kWh)Demand charge (per kVA)
DC (Domestic, 240V)120First 50kWh:2.00
50 to 1 500kWh:8.10
SC (Small Commercial, 240V)1208.96n/a
CI1 (Commercial, 415V)8005.75600
CI2 (Commercial, 11kV)2 5004.73400
CI3 (Commercial, 33kV)2 9004.49200
CI4 (Commercial, 66kV)4 2004.25170
CI5 (Commercial, 132kV)11 0004.10170
IT (Domestic water heating)1204.85n/a

December 2013 to June 2014

See the Gazette Notice in which these changes were published.

TariffCharges (KES)
Fixed chargeEnergy charge (per kWh)Demand charge (per kVA)
DC (Domestic, 240V)120First 50kWh:2.50
50 to 1 500kWh:11.62
SC (Small Commercial, 240V)15012.00n/a
CI1 (Commercial, 415V)2 0008.70800
CI2 (Commercial, 11kV)4 5007.50520
CI3 (Commercial, 33kV)5 5007.00270
CI4 (Commercial, 66kV)6 5006.80220
CI5 (Commercial, 132kV)17 0006.60220
IT (Domestic water heating)12013.00n/a


Presently, the surcharges cost more than the base rate itself. They are applied on all tariffs as follows.

SurchargeRate / Notes
Fuel Cost Charge (FCC)Variable rate per kWh, published monthly by KPLC in the Kenya Gazette (but not on their website!). It is supposed to be reflective of the cost (to KPLC) of generating electricity during the previous month.
Foreign Exchange Rate Fluctuation Adjustment (FERFA)Variable rate per kWh, published monthly by KPLC. This includes the “sum of the foreign currency costs incurred by KenGen”, the “sum of the foreign currency costs incurred by [KPLC] other than those costs relating to Electric Power Producers”, and the “sum of the foreign currency costs incurred by KenGen”.
Inflation Adjustment (IA)Variable rate per kWh, published monthly by KPLC. Factors include the “Underlying Consumer Price Index as posted by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics” and the “Consumer Prices Index for all urban consumers (CPI - U) for the US city average for all items 1982 - 84 as published by the United States Department of Labour Statistics”. Why on earth does the cost of Kenyan electricity depend on how much folks in the USA are spending?
WARMA Levy5 cents per kWh (if someone can explain why on earth this is part of our electricity cost, please let me know!)
ERC Levy3 cents per kWh
REP Levy5% of the base rate
VAT16% on everything except the WARMA, ERC and REP levies and Inflation Adjustment
(Prior to 2 September 2013, consumption less than 200kWh was exluded from VAT, and VAT was charged at 12%. These concessions were removed in the VAT Act 2013.)

The rates that vary monthly are, then, the FCC , the FERFA, and the IA. Their variation is charted below. These data are taken from our monthly electricity bills. Please verify it directly with KPLC if it is important to you.

PeriodRates (cents/kWh)
Nov 2008654370
Dec 2008559370
Jan 2009416900
Feb 2009427635
Mar 2009410465
Apr 2009392935
May 2009436635
Jun 2009468625
Jul 2009539675
Aug 2009616755
Sep 2009743595
Oct 2009775915
Nov 2009790985
Dec 2009722405
Jan 2010783948
Feb 2010674538
Mar 2010749568
Apr 2010672728
May 2010498418
Jun 2010350818
Jul 20103188510
Aug 20103495710
Sep 20103337610
Oct 20103387910
Nov 20104196410
Dec 20104187210
Jan 2011382829
Feb 2011467719
Mar 2011573649
Apr 20116151269
May 2011711819
Jun 20117151389
Jul 201172311917
Aug 201179112717
Sep 201182114817
Oct 201184027417
Nov 201190326217
Dec 201185014917
Jan 201254813822
Feb 201256413122
Mar 201275610022
Apr 201274213422
May 20126977522
Jun 201259712522
Jul 20125397628
Aug 201256620828
Sep 201259914428
Oct 20125959028
Nov 201260722428
Dec 201253513528
Jan 201349315930
Feb 201353810430
Mar 201362116930
Apr 201357319230
May 201346915730
Jun 201347212930
Jul 20134349531
Aug 201350713931
Sep 201354313931
Oct 201351814631
Nov 201356313131
Dec 2013519150
Jan 2014519340
Feb 2014519130
Mar 201451959

Total cost

Below is a chart of the average cost of electricity for each tariff, worked out from all the costs described above. It is an estimate of what you can expect to pay on your monthly electricity usage per kWh, excluding fixed and demand charges. The DC cost is based on the 50-1500kWh usage band.

PeriodAverage electricity cost (KES/kWh)
Nov 200817.2517.9414.513.313.0212.7412.5713.44
Dec 200816.1816.8713.4312.2411.9611.6811.512.38
Jan 200915.1715.8612.4211.2310.9510.6710.4911.37
Feb 200915.0515.7412.311.110.8210.5410.3711.24
Mar 200914.6615.3511.9110.7210.4410.169.9810.86
Apr 200914.9915.6812.2411.0510.7710.4810.3111.19
May 200915.1515.8412.411.210.9210.6410.4711.34
Jun 200915.4916.1812.7411.5511.2710.9910.8111.69
Jul 200916.3417.0313.5912.412.1211.8411.6612.54
Aug 200917.317.9914.5513.3513.0712.7912.6213.49
Sep 200918.5419.2315.7914.614.3214.0313.8614.74
Oct 200919.2619.9516.5115.3115.0314.7514.5815.45
Nov 200919.520.1916.7515.5615.281514.8215.7
Dec 200918.0918.7815.3414.1513.8713.5913.4114.29
Jan 201019.4120.116.6615.4715.1914.914.7315.61
Feb 201017.7318.4214.9813.7913.5113.2213.0513.93
Mar 201018.619.2915.8514.6614.3814.113.9214.8
Apr 201017.9218.6115.1713.9813.713.4213.2414.12
May 201015.6216.3112.8711.6811.411.1210.9411.82
Jun 201014.4115.111.6610.4710.199.919.7310.61
Jul 201014.1214.8111.3710.189.99.629.4410.32
Aug 201014.1514.8411.410.219.939.659.4710.35
Sep 201014.1914.8811.4410.249.969.689.5110.39
Oct 201014.2814.9711.5310.3310.059.779.610.47
Nov 201015.0215.7112.2711.0710.7910.5110.3411.21
Dec 201015.115.7912.3511.1510.8710.5910.4211.29
Jan 201114.7915.4812.0410.8510.5710.2910.1110.99
Feb 201115.6216.3112.8711.6811.411.1210.9411.82
Mar 201116.7317.4213.9812.7912.5112.2312.0512.93
Apr 201117.918.5915.1513.9513.6713.3913.2214.09
May 201118.4719.1615.7214.5214.2413.9613.7914.66
Jun 201119.1519.8416.415.2114.9314.6514.4715.35
Jul 201119.1119.816.3615.1614.8814.614.4315.3
Aug 201119.9620.6517.2116.0215.7315.4515.2816.16
Sep 201120.5321.2217.7816.5916.3116.0315.8516.73
Oct 201122.1522.8419.418.2117.9317.6517.4718.35
Nov 201122.7323.4219.9818.7818.518.2218.0518.92
Dec 201120.8721.5618.1216.9216.6416.3616.1917.06
Jan 201217.4118.114.6613.4713.1912.9112.7313.61
Feb 201217.5118.214.7613.5713.2913.0112.8313.71
Mar 201219.312016.5615.3715.0914.8114.6315.51
Apr 201219.5420.2316.7915.615.3115.0314.8615.74
May 201218.3719.0615.6214.4314.1513.8713.6914.57
Jun 201217.8118.515.0613.8713.5913.3113.1314.01
Jul 201216.6817.3713.9312.7312.4512.171212.87
Aug 201218.4619.1515.7114.5114.2313.9513.7814.65
Sep 201218.1118.815.3614.1713.8813.613.4314.31
Oct 201217.4618.1514.7113.5213.2412.9512.7813.66
Nov 201219.0919.7816.3415.1514.8714.5914.4115.29
Dec 201217.2917.9814.5413.3513.0712.7912.6113.49
Jan 201317.1117.814.3613.1712.8912.612.4313.31
Feb 20131717.6914.2513.0512.7712.4912.3213.19
Mar 201318.6619.3515.9114.7114.4314.1513.9814.85
Apr 201318.3819.0715.6314.4314.1513.8713.714.57
May 201316.8217.5114.0712.8812.5912.3112.1413.02
Jun 201316.5417.2313.7912.612.3112.0311.8612.74
Jul 201315.7416.4312.9911.811.5211.2411.0611.94
Aug 201317.0517.7414.313.1112.8312.5512.3713.25
Sep 201318.0518.7715.2113.9713.6813.3913.2114.12
Oct 201317.8418.561513.7713.4813.181313.91
Nov 201318.1918.9115.3514.1113.8213.5313.3514.26
Dec 201320.3320.7916.815.3514.7414.514.2622
Jan 201420.5621.0117.0215.5714.9614.7214.4822.22
Feb 201420.3120.7716.7815.3314.7214.4814.2421.98
Mar 201420.3120.7716.7815.3214.7214.4814.2321.98